Beauty? I’m supposed to have a routine? Oops…

10 Oct

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Yay fall. Really fall is my favorite time of year. Best part of fall? It’s not so hot that you end up a sweaty oily mess, but not so cold and windy that you end up a chapped dry mess. So yay fall!

One area that I can “ahem” improve on is my beauty routine. I haz none. Well I guess I can’t say none totally, but it’s severely lacking. In fall because the weather is pretty good, my skin doesn’t care {as much} that it’s like a neglected step-child of a wicked witch in a fairytale.

{not my beauty supply stash} Source

I haven’t figured out how to keep up a skin care regimen. I mean I’ve done everything. Bought the fancy stuff, the cheaper stuff, put it in the shower, by the sink. But it goes the wayside. I’m super lucky I have good genes, but that won’t get me by forever. Usually I wash my face in the shower, but pretty much I forget.

I do have a few things in my routine, but I would love to expand upon it and STICK TO IT. The biggest routine though is getting my eyebrows waxed. Every four weeks I go. It’s dual purpose. First I get out of the house for a half hour to an hour once a month, alone on a Saturday morning. Second it keeps me looking presentable.

The other thing is that face wash. I use Oil of Olay Age Defying Daily Renewal cleanser almost always. When I’m being fancy I bust out the Origins good stuff, and do the whole shebang, exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize.

This is my usual look:

Yeah, that’s a picture of me in no makeup. (Literally taken right before writing this) NBD {No Big Deal} I totally go without makeup all the time. Husband isn’t quite thrilled about that, he likes it when I actually keep up a routine, but he’s still awesome and supportive when I don’t.

When I do wear makeup I like to mix it up. Sometimes I’ll do something bolder, but most of the time I go mostly for a natural look. A think another hangup I have with makeup is that I have no clue what I’m doing. I need tips for real. I know what products I like, but I don’t manage to use them to their full benefit. Smashbox is my favorite higher end line, but e.l.f. (eyes.lips.face) is racking up points in my book for the drugstore variety.

I would love tips on how to keep up a beauty routine. Seriously any suggestions? Like I said in the fall it is even harder because I don’t feel all dry or nasty oily like other times of year. One of my biggest motivations is I would love to be a good example for Bronwyn. She loves watching her Mama get ready when there is something to dress up for. And I don’t want her to end up like me, not taking care of her skin.

So how do you keep up your beauty routine? And can you send some motivation my way?

BTW, the specific products (i.e. Oil of Olay, Origins, Smashbox, or e.l.f.) have not sponsored my post or compensated me in any way.

Thank you to Walgreens for sponsoring this blog post. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own.

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  • Gigi W

    Honestly?  It’s just something YOU have to commit to doing for YOU.  Your skin is your body’s largest organ and first line of defense against disease.  It’s also what you present to the world!  So…just as you take a few minutes a couple of times a day to tend to your teeth, do the same for your skin – because a few moments is literally ALL it takes, twice a day, to keep your skin healthy and looking its best!  And SPF (I like my clients on 30) is a year-round MUST!!

  • RebekahL

    When you find out let me know… My littlest has been running a hair brush down my legs… Don’t know if he is excited to have his own or if he knows it’s been weeks since I shaved!!! I brush my teeth in the shower while I shampoo and condition (two bottles used at the same time- because my long lost hairdresser told me if I was really that pressed for time to not use a two in one) and then I soap and wash my face at the same time. Then I make up and blow dry just my bangs and roots. If my toes need polish I slap some down as soon as I step out of the shower so they are dry when I’m done with make up and hair. I get it all done in 30 minutes.

    • RebekahL

      I should add that is while doing the kids hair and keeping them on task. I gave up foundation because that could and most often does transfer to my clothes. I wear chapstick or lipstain if I’m being fancy- and my eyebrow and eyeliner are double duty. And eyeshadow is often what’s left in the brush from the day before… And I use blush because it helps hide my tired eyes!!! Blush is a awesome trick!

  • becca bug

    Have you looked at the books Making Faces and Face Forward? They have a lot of really cool tips about applying makeup for different ‘looks’ and such. xo–becca

  • Devan McGuinness

    ah i think you look gorgeous either way! For me, i am terrified of getting old and looking old and the whole wrinkles thing so my beauty routine doesn’t really come from a ‘healthy place’ — i am addicted to sunscreen though and put it on daily. Make up  — most days i don’t wear it because im just hanging with the kids – but i love my make up stash!

  • Susan Cooper

    Hi,  What a deligthful Blog.  You look amazing by the way.  I attended the Sac Bee Blogger Conference last week and had the opportunity to hear what you had to say and to meet you.  My hope is that I will become as good a blogger as you.  I am greatful that I had the opportunity to meet you and the other panaelist as well and very much enjoyed what everyone had to say, you especially.  Thanks, Susan