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TweetSo, part two huh? When I last left you all I had talked about the beginning of my breastfeeding and pumping struggles in part one. And so I continue. Pretty quickly after returning to work my supply for pumping started diminishing. Luckily I did have a small stash, and would catch up a little bit […]

TweetIf you have read here for any length at time, first of all kudos for sticking by my occasional disappearing act, but secondly, you probably remember my struggles with breastfeeding.  Really though, anyone who has ever breastfed, albeit for one day, one year, or until the child weans themselves, has their struggles.  Some have more […]

TweetI’ll start this off by saying hardly anyone is probably reading this because it’s been so freaking long since I’ve posted.  I’m sorry for disappearing without so much as a quickie post of “Hey I’ll be back later.”  Luckily I didn’t drop off the face of the interwebz completely, and have hit up my old […]

A plea for sanity

5, Oct 2010

TweetI am spent. I don’t know how the heck I can possibly keep pumping for another 4 months. I’ve been pumping at work for 5 months and I am so tired. I am stressed out constantly about not having enough for the next day. I’m using a hospital grade pump, on domperidone, drink a ton […]