14 Nov

Hi. Yeah, I haven’t been around much lately.I feel horrible that my last two posts were sponsored, with nothing in between BUT they were totally posts about me, y’all know by now I don’t regurgitate anything or write about stuff I don’t really believe in. But still, yes they were sponsored. I made commitments and if I had blogged normally they would have fit in pretty normally, but I just haven’t been present.


I don’t know how else to describe what is going on with me other than a funk. Usually writing is my escape, but I have found myself avoiding it. I think a part of me is afraid of what I will uncover if I let myself write.

It seems like every other person in these days is doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) or NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month) and I seem to be doing the opposite.

I do have a few things I want to share with you. Like how I went to Chicago and got to meet Abigail from skywaitress.com. The rest of the trip was a little rough, but meeting her? It was like I was hanging out with a long-lost best friend.

I also can’t wait to share a bit more of the Thanksgiving dinner I have planned. Originally I was going to go all out. I still am with food, but this funk (and travel) have kept me from really taking care of the decor. I talked about the menu here, but I can’t wait to break it down for you!

Bronwyn is reaching new heights and milestones. I don’t even know how to keep up with her. I’ll work on sharing some of the challenges I’ve found while raising an almost two-year old, and some of the high points, because really seeing this little person become her own girl is amazing.

So, please bear with me. I was loving the groove I had in the place through the summer and beginning of the fall, and I want it back. Meanwhile, I’m working through this funk. I’m hoping it’s mostly just a little Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), but if I’m being honest with myself it started before the weather and time changed.

I miss you (all 12 of you) so I want to hear, what have YOU been up to? How have YOU been?

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  • http://www.shesuggests.com Yuliya

    Well I started therapy and that’s helping my funk immensely ;) Hang in there my friend! 

    • Anonymous

      I tried therapy earlier this year. The wackjob tried to diagnose me with everything from borderline personality disorder to just straight crazy. Then she’d FORGET the next session what she had diagnosed me.  

      Then when she couldn’t even sit still long enough while I was baring my soul about a story from my childhood, because a motorcycle drove by and she “had to see what kind it is” I said see you later! 

      Worst part is that I have an HMO and anytime I try to go back they try to schedule me with the same nut job.

  • Tara

    But, but!  How can you be so sad when you look so cute!  I know, not helpful.  I’m so sorry you’re in a funk.  I know your impulse is to withdraw from writing, but is there a way you can write through it?  Maybe you don’t even publish the posts (though we’d all like to help you and I’m sure many of us are going through something similar – depression has a pretty high Klout score).  But I think it might help?  Anyway, lots of hugs sweetie.  It will get better.

    • Anonymous

      OMG. I LOVE your depression has a high klout score comment. I spit out my wine laughing. I’m pretty sure if my funk had a status bar that needed a certain about of points to be squashed? THat would have been at LEAST a third of them.

      And on a serious note, yes writing will help, which is EXACTLY why I haven’t been writing, because that would be TOO EASY!

  • RebekahL

    Hey lovie! Here’s the deal with blogging… Like a food blog when you life blog sometimes you can get caught up in feeling like you should be writing about it. And I know it’s for the girl, but right now her transition phase happens so often so daily that it’s hard enough to keep up, but writing too… It can wear. But please don’t stop or give up. Because you’re awesome and all these love letters to your girl, sponsored or not are great! Sometimes life has to come first. Just keep writing and when and if you post- I know I will still be here!!!

    • Anonymous

      Oh thank you Rebekah for making me smile. 

      Sometimes I wonder why we weren’t better friends over a decade ago (oops I dated us), but maybe it was so we could be friends in this part of our lives. Thank you.

  • http://mytimeasmom.com Jessica

    Sometimes we all need to take a break from blogging. It’s okay. Live your life and blog when you can. 

    • Anonymous

      Yes, such a good reminder to live my life! Thanks Jessica!

  • http://formerlygracie.com/ Grace {formerly gracie}

    We ALL need a break to relax and refocus. Your blog and your fans will still be here when you’re good and ready to come back! In the meantime, focus on what YOU need. Hugs! dear, dear friend!!!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Grace. Hugs back to you my friend!

  • http://twitter.com/PeriwinklePapi Sara Mooradian

    sorry you’ve been feeling funky lately. hopefully this won’t sound trite but I know *exactly* what you are saying. Really I do. Hopefully that brings some sense of not being alone because that’s all I can really offer and the notion that this too shall pass. 
    As for the pressure to blog – I’ve let go of that and it feels wonderful. I highly recommend that.
    My unsolicited advice: find a sunny spot and stay there for as long as you can. 

    • Anonymous

      It does not sound trite. It’s nice to know there are people who can relate. I’ll look for a sunny spot and linger.

  • Sherri Kuhn

    Funk. Yes, I know this funk of which you speak! It seems to be contagious…hang in there, you’ll get your groove back soon!

    • Anonymous

      Ugh, it is contagious! Thank you, and hopefully I do!

  • http://inthesesmallmoments.com Nichole

    I’m convinced there’s something in the NorCal water, because the funk? Oh, I’m familiar with the funk. 
    Take your time. Write if you want, don’t write if you aren’t feeling it.
    We’ll all be here when you’re ready.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Nichole. I have the feeling getting together over copious glasses of wine might help. We need a date ;)

  • http://twitter.com/mscaffeinejunky melissa

    Funk? Yeah, I have the funk. I’d like to write about it too, but I’m afraid of bringing other people down with me. I’d like a refund on 2011.

    • Anonymous

      Melissa, if you want to write, write, don’t worry about anyone else. I know this year needs not only a refund, but a big credit for you. Hugs. Thanks for stopping by.

  • http://projectconfessional.wordpress.com/ Robyn

    I’m sorry you’re in a funk! I am well aware of how that feels, having been going through it myself for the past few months.
    I’m a bit of a pretentious arse though, so I just keep on blogging and give a middle finger salute to anybody who hates. Which is totally a lie. I’m constantly worrying about what people are thinking, but I just figure that I need to keep going. And some times I need a break, and that’s alright too, just like it’s alright for you to take a break or write only sponsored posts for a while.
    It’s our blogging and we’ll write what we want to. 

  • http://twitter.com/cambowman Cam Bowman

    The FUNK is the worst. Especially when it seems to linger and stay a lot longer than wanted. I’ve been in my “pregnancy” induced funk since August and each day I think “today’s the day” now I know it’s ok when it may not be the day after all. It will come to you. The 12 of us won’t go anywhere! ;)

  • Susan Cooper

    I get the funk part.  I did the same thing except with my daily walk.  I usually walk everyday and I took a couple weeks off.  I started back yesterday … thank god.  Sometimes you just need a break …. or least that is my excuse.  Your Thanksgiving sounds AWESOME … really yummy. Susan

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