Most Inappropriate Carnival Ride Ever

18 May

Hi! I know it’s been FOREVER. And instead of vomiting all over the page I thought I’d share something slightly disturbing.

Last weekend the hubs, Bronwyn and I went to BerryFest in Roseville. It’s a Strawberry Festival which included a kid’s fun zone. I saw a giant inflatable slide and thought “Bronwyn would love that”. Until I saw its theme.



Let’s just say there was no sliding for us. I refuse to let my child play on something symbolizing that much death and destruction.

What’s the most inappropriate item geared towards kids you have come across? And am I being over-sensitive, or was my reaction justified?

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  • gettyowl

    Really bad taste. However I will say that I am not surprised. Most people only know the Titanic because of the movie. Most people don’t even know it was 100 years ago this year that the Titanic set sail on that fateful night. To them it is a ride that the kids can go on and not to think another minute about. As a history teacher that kills me and also makes me a wet blanket. I thank you for seeing that ride for what it is, a blatant disrespect for the over 1,500 people that died. It is sad, but with time comes ignorance. I have a good drink name story if you ever want to hear it. You would love it.

    • bringupbee

      I think I know the story! I was on twitter that night and then read Stacey’s post about it. I couldn’t believe how awful that was.

      • gettyowl

         Okay you heard, haha! Well I will have you know that the Krakow Salt Mine is now called the Poland Hammer. See four strong ladies can change the world. :)

  • OTandET

    it’s so bad that i kind of love it. is that awful? i mean it’s just sooooo bad, haha. ps post more! i miss ya!