To Kate:

4 Jan

I have a friend. Her name is Kate. She is a bright spot among the world. She knows how to fight for what is right, not only for her, but for those around her. She has a way of squinting her eyes when she smiles. She has a laugh unlike any I have heard. It is glorious. It is a joyful laugh. It comes from the deep recesses of her belly. Not unlike those laughs I hear from my daughter, the laughs I relish.

I have a friend. Her name is Kate. A week ago she went out with her family. Her husband, her brother-in-laws, her daughter, her mother-in-law. Things did not go well.

I have a friend. Her name is Kate. She went up in a small plane. Piloted by someone close. Something happened. The plane crashed. Thankfully the pilot, her brother-in-law, was able to get the plane to the ground sparing all four lives. However, when the engine quit there was only so much he could control.

Kate is laying in a hospital ever the fighter. Healing. Recovering. Rebuilding.

This week I received news about a friend. A friend I met through twitter and social media, but a friend that became a real life friend. Someone who I got to share laughs with, exchange stories, and enjoy company with. A friend that not only attended my daughter’s first birthday party, but was kind enough to photograph, without me asking. The news I received shook me to my core. I knew she had been at an airport, family enjoying a plane rental, piloted by the capable hands of her brother-in-law. But no one could have foreshadowed an engine quitting mid-flight.

As the front passenger, she sustained the worst of the injuries. The pilot, broke his neck, but miraculously they both survived, along with her husband and other brother-in-law. Her daughter was not in the plane.

Kate used to live in the Sacramento area. That is how we became friends. She moved far away, and I have missed her, but not as much as I miss her now. Knowing she is in a hospital room, so far away. Fighting.

All the news from family and close friends has been uplifting, yet I am awake late into the night thinking about Kate. Kate will fight this. She will survive, and heal. Even knowing the extent of her injuries. Brain bleed. Lacerated kidneys, spleen, and liver. Broken radius and ulna. Fractured hip. Fighting infections in her leads and lines. I know that she will heal at my core, but I can’t shake the wakeup call it has imprinted upon me.

I have always worried about what would happen to my family, Bronwyn and Steven if something so sudden occurred. I have done my best to be sure they would be ok on a survival sense, physically, monetarily, but emotionally? What can I do to protect emotions?

My only answer is to be in the moment. Present. Aware. Because I never know if that moment may be my last with them. It is something I struggle with, but if I am struggling, I know I am trying. Because all I can leave them with is a sense of love. I know this love is what is getting Kate’s daughter, who is younger than Bronwyn, through. Kate set her up to love family. That family is taking care of her daughter now.

If you know Kate, from twitter or elsewhere, or if you just want to help, please leave a comment. I’m purposefully not publishing her twitter name, or linking to the story, or naming current locations etc to help protect Kate and her family, but I know her husband wants her story shared. I have the information, as do others who know her, about how to donate, all anonymously to her relief fund.

My only other call to action is for prayer. And if you don’t believe in prayer please send good thoughts, vibes, and best wishes through the universe. Kate will receive them all.

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  • Devan McGuinness

    when i heard what happened my heart sunk as well. Sending so much love and strength her way as she fights. my thoughts are there with her. xxo

    • Anonymous

      She has so many people in her corner. It makes dealing with all of this a little easier knowing she has so many rooting for her.

  • Good Day, Reg People

    We are praying for her. My husband is a hobby pilot, so this hit home.

    She is a wonderful, funny, bright spot on twitter and I miss her.

    Life can change so fast.

    • Anonymous

      Your prayers are among so many. I am sure this was a freak accident, and that so many fly, like your husband, but I can’t say this won’t give me pause before entering a small plane in the future.

  • Trish C

    I consider Kate my friend, even though we have never met. She constantly brightens my days on twitter and I miss seeing her in there.
    I am confident she will overcome this – she’s a fighter.
    My love goes to her, her beautiful daughter, and the rest of her family. I can’t wait until I see her on twitter again.

    • Anonymous

      She brightens so many! And yes, she is such a fighter. I’ve heard her daughter is doing well with family. It breaks my heart that Kate didn’t get to wean her though.

  • Angela

    Sending so many thoughts and prayers and positive vibes her way.

  • Bree

    Although I do not know Kate or her family, they are all in my prayers and my family’s.

  • Teresa

    Im one of her many twitter friends and I’m praying. She is such an awesome lady and I’ve been thinking of how much Ava misses her. They were always stuck together, like I am with my toddler girl.

  • Yamile Yannini

    Kate was such an amazing twitter mama friend to me during my pregnancy. Please, I’d love to help her and her family in any way that I can. 

    My email is y [dot] yannini [at] hotmail [dot] com 

    My prayers are with Kate and her family.

  • Forgotten

    OMG! I didn’t know! Please send me information! I want to help! I just love her to pieces. She’s such a sweet soul.

    • Anonymous

      I emailed you. If you don’t receive it, please leave another comment.

  • Snotandboogerz

    Thinking about her and hoping she’s back on her feet, chasing her daughter very soon!

  • Marian

    what! oh, NO. please send love to kate and her family, marian (runaway_tweets). much love and healing energy! xoxox

  • emily bilbrey

    thank you for posting the story, so i can keep kate in my thoughts!! i’ve known and adored her on twitter for quite some time now, and she’s also been a wonderful customer of mine. i had no idea what actually happened until reading this post. i can’t even think of the right words to say, other than this is heartbreaking and i hope she recovers as quickly as possible. )*: xoxoxo.

  • Melissa

    Every word here…every.single.word. could have come from me. I hasn’t yet taken the next step though, so thank you for pointing it out to me- live in the present. I have felt so paralyzed by this tragic accident…and she’s so fat away and I have no money to send and no way of undoing amy of it and the control freak in me wants to be there making sure everything is ok… but in the meantime I’ve lost hours and days being there for my family.
    Another friend helped me today too…so I’m doing better. Thank you for that! I miss our friend too…can’t fly to Ohio… but she’s being taken care of…i just have to remember that.

    • Melissanyc

      Please try to read past the autocorrect… Working from a droid here.

  • Megan

    This is so heart breaking. I know Kate from twitter as well. She always had an answer and the best advice. Such a sweet woman. It didn’t have to take an accident like this for someone to know that.
    Since i heard about what happened her family has been in my thoughts and prayers. Especially her daughter.
    Ill continue to keep her in my prayers.
    Get better Kate. <3 Xo

  • Corina

    I stumbled on your site because, I too, have a daughter named Bronwyn. She is 8 1/2.  I wish your friend the best in her recovery.

  • Susan Cooper

    OMG, I have no words. I just read this. I can’t even imagine how you, her family and your friend must feel. I hope things are going better for your friend. In any case I will send my prayers in your and her direction. Susan

    • Anonymous

      Susan, I owe my blog a major update. Especially for this story. Kate is doing remarkably well. Has been out of the hospital back with her sweet daughter.

      I appreciate all of your comments and will post soon with an update. I’m a working mom and life just has been getting in the way of this part of my life.

      • Susan Cooper

        I am so happy to hear that. I understand the working mom thing. There should be a metal for all that you do. My Best, Susan Cooper