What if?

10 Sep

No words, or pictures even, can do justice to how tragic the San Bruno Explosion and Fire really is.  Yes pictures of the fireball, and homes burned to the ground, show a tiny part of it, but I’m sitting here heartbroken and in utter shock that something of this magnitude occurred.  I won’t go into the gruesome detail, because I can’t take it, but when a fireball like this happens?  The area immediately over it is instantly vaporized.

All I can think of are the families gathering around the dinner table, saying grace and then they were no more.

All I can think of are the mothers and fathers playing in the living room with their children and then they were gone.

All I can think of are the people who had a split second to flee their homes.  That they are the lucky ones even though they have lost everything.

Were there mothers or fathers driving home from work that lost their loved ones instantly?

How many people got stuck in traffic and escaped certain death?

I could go on and on with the questions.  My head is having a hard time rationalizing this one, and my heart is taking hold of my emotions.  I often listen to talk radio in the morning, and I almost had to pull over several times due to my eyes being filled with tears.  My biggest question now?

What if?

What if this happens to me, or God-forbid, the neighborhood my child attends daycare, during the day.

Just 3 days ago my town had a gas line leaking, a major one, at a major intersection.  They repaired it, but what if they hadn’t?  I drive that intersection EVERY DAY.

Could I have left my child motherless? Or could Steven have been in the wrong place at the wrong time?

What if?

Everyday we face the unknown, and anything can happen at anytime, cars can crash, something could fall out of the sky, illness can strike.  We go on with our lives, because otherwise we would be paralyzed by fear. When events such as this one occur it reminds us all just how fragile our lives are.

It reminds us how “stuff” is really not important.  Abandoning it all to save your life, and the lives of your family is important.

Please take a moment today to tell those around you how you feel about them.  Even if your teenager rolls their eyes, tell them.  Even if it seems like it has fallen on deaf ears, tell them.

Because, what if?

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  • http://www.emmiebee.com Emmie Bee

    So true. This is why it was so scary. A plane crash would have at least been easier to wrap my head around, given it is right there next to the airport. But to be sitting down after a long day with your family? The children that escaped but witnessed it? I am just so insanely sad for their community, our community.

    • http://bringingupbronwyn.com BringUpBee

      A plane crash, as devastating as it would have been, would have been easier. I heard that the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force investigated, but after reports of gas odors for weeks it doesn't seem likely.

      This will take a long time to physically and emotionally heal for those that were directly impacted.

  • http://tidbitsparenting.blogspot.com Lindsey

    It is almost too sad and shocking to seem real – even though it's so so real. And it's totally understandable that you're upset by this story and have this on your mind! Mamas want to protect their babies and this is like the scariest, most random unavoidable kind of tragedy that no one could expect or take measures to defend against which makes it so much scarier. I hate dime store advice but I'm about to drop some (forgive me, or just stop reading right now!) it's just one of those things that you have to let remind you that every second is precious and to enjoy every single moment. Which I know you do, because your pictures with B you are just all lit up with happiness! Yay! I hope you're able to step out from under this sadness a bit. xo, see you on twitter mama (OttosMomBlogs).